Antioxidants & Nutrients in Coffee

Coffee contains a number of antioxidants and when taken in moderation, the drink comes with many benefits. When compared to tea, the drink contains antioxidants that are 4 times more. The antioxidants are also more compared to those in cocoa, green tea or black tea. However, avoid drinking more than 3 cups of the beverage regardless of the benefits.

Polyphenols is the term used when referring to antioxidants. Other contents include atilbenes, flavonoids, coumarins, benzoic acids, lignans and cinnamic acids. The level of caffeic acids and chlorogenic acids is also high and these antioxidants are very strong and can only be found in coffee.

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For example quinines increase the response of your body to insulin which is useful in diabetics. The antioxidants’ level is high and magnesium and tocopherols are minerals that help in metabolism of glucose.

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Another antioxidant is trigonelline which gives the beverage a good fragrance, bitter taste and antibacterial properties that help in preventing dental cavities. When the beans are roasted, the activity of antioxidants is increased and the longer you take in roasting them, the higher the potency of the antioxidant will be.

There are numerous advantages that are associated with antioxidants in coffee. When you drink the beverage, you lessen the risk of getting cancer of the liver by half. Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson and Alzheimer are examples of ailments that are dealt with by antioxidants. The beverage also helps in improving concentration and in treating headaches.

According to some research, the antioxidants help in reducing the development of depression. Stroke and gallstone disease are other risks that are reduced. The beverage helps in improving the functioning of the liver therefore preventing liver cirrhosis. Osteoporosis and heartburn are other conditions that are dealt with by the beverage.

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Other health benefits associated with the beverage include increasing alertness, altering moods and decreasing muscle pain. The ability of other drugs to relieve pain is also augmented by the beverage.

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The drink also enhances endurance and performance of athletics. By consuming the beverage, you can shed some pounds of weight, boost metabolism of glucose and help in burning excess calories

Other than caffeine, coffee contains many nutrients and thi+s includes minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins and lipids. The number of compounds is also big. The beans have 3 polysaccharides that are major.

The beans also have polysaccharides in indigestible form called dietary fibers whose level of quantity is high. However, when the beans undergo brewing, grinding and roasting, the fibers are destroyed. Level of phenolics is also high and helps in binding dietary fibers and proteins whose nutritional benefits are high.

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Generally, the nutrients include fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates and proteins. Some of the trace elements that you will find in the beverage include Thiamine, Niacin, Manganese, Magnesium, Folate and Phosphorus. Regardless of the many benefits that are associated with coffee, not all people should drink coffee. When the beverage is taken excessively, it leads to cardiac rhythm that is fast, anxiety, and shaking of hands.

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