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Best Plumbed Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Nothing beats the morning sluggishness than a coffee made from a perfect best coffee maker. When the caffeine kicks in, you are ready to face another day hustling again. A bad coffee created by a bad coffee machine is a no-no in this tough time. Therefore you don’t want to start on a bad mood when you begin your day. I have made the collection of Best Plumbed Coffee Makers here for you. But before we go to that lets find out what is a plumbed coffee maker?

What is a Plumbed Coffee Maker?

There is one thing that virtually all coffee drinkers have in common. That they want their coffee as perfect as they wanted it yesterday. Plumbed coffee makers are an excellent way to feed the insatiable need for caffeine without constantly refilling the water chamber. These plumbed coffee makers automatically refill whenever appropriate without any user intervention.

Plumbed coffee makers are sophisticated coffee brewers. These brewers only need periodic filter changing. They also need new coffee grinds to perform their duties. Plumbed coffee makers take a fair plumbing expertise to properly and safely install the perfection in taste. Some ultra-high end models even come built in with a coffee bean storage compartment. The compartment feeds an internal grinder as well as an automated coffee grind disposal system.

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What is a Coffee Maker with water line?

Do you know what a coffee maker with water line really means? A coffee maker that has a direct cold water connection line so it can consume water as the user needs. These are the Coffee Makers where you don't need to fill water again and again.

These coffee makers are also called directly plumbed coffee makers or self filling coffee makers. ​Which means you will never need to fill them with water ever as they have their direct water line / connection. You can say that they have their coffee pot with water line attached.

who Needs a Coffee Maker with Water line?

Do you need a coffee maker with water line / Plumbed Coffee Maker? Direct Plumbed Coffee Maker is usually required in placed where high amount of coffee is regularly required. Usually in coffee shops or work places where a full time coffee consumption is going on to fill the requirements.

But it doesn't mean that you can not use these machines in your kitchen. If you like this direct water line coffee maker, of-course you can get it installed and enjoy the benefit.

It can be used in situations where coffee maker with water line makes a great deal of sense. Like it makes sense to use it in a canteen, cafe, hotel or a staff restaurant.   

Cost of Plumbed Coffee Maker?

Such systems are extremely expensive compared to the traditional kitchen counter top coffee brewer. IF you are able to spend fair amount of money, these might be worth for you. Specially if you have an unquenchable thirst for freshly brewed coffee. Plumbed coffee makers aren’t ideal for everyone.

They are expensive in terms to other coffee maker often costing $200 or more for quality units from top tier manufacturers. Plumbed coffee makers are certainly a luxury item for most as compared to other brewers which even start at less than $50.

Pros & Cons of Plumbed Coffee Maker

Plumbed coffee makers also require a fair degree of plumbing skill to properly install. Unless one actually has sufficient plumbing background they shouldn’t even attempt installation. Hiring a qualified plumber can cost several hundred dollars or more depending on factors such as location and the amount of work and materials.

One component many might be keen to undervalue in a plumbed coffee maker installation is that of a high quality water filter. To ensure the highest quality coffee from newly installed plumbed coffee makers, a quality water filter is critical. After all, one wants to drink quality coffee, not coffee plus random minerals and microbes coming directly out of their plumbing system.

One of the major benefits of plumbed coffee makers is their efficient usage of counter space. Plumbed coffee makers are significantly smaller than comparable units featuring a water storage chamber due to the direct infusion of an effectively limitless supply of water directly from the plumbing.

For those with limited kitchen space, especially those culinary inclined, will appreciate the minimal footprint presented by plumbed coffee makers. Many units can be mounted on either a wall or hung from underneath sufficiently strong cabinets to increase the usable counter area in a kitchen or work space.

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Components of a Plumbed Coffee Maker

As with all upscale home appliances, plumbed coffee makers come in a wide assortment of sizes and finishes. Many are finished in brushed metal and black plastics, while other plumbed coffee makers feature the more traditional white or off-white color schemes.

Sizes generally range from 6 cups to more than a dozen cups. Specialty units may offer even greater sizes to those with larger needs. Certain high end models feature outlets for other nearby appliances, further enhancing their usefulness.

They have a method to control how full a carafe should be and when. Similar to all high end coffee brewers they can control when and how much requirement needs. This program-ability inherent in almost all plumbed coffee makers is ideal for those who want a lot of coffee available at 6 AM and a trickle after that until around noon.

The secret to good coffee lies in a few factors, but key among them is temperature. The comparatively high price of plumbed coffee makers essentially guarantees that any and all units already have top tier brewing technology built in.

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Top 3 Plumbed Coffee Maker Choices​

Now as you have got enough idea about the plumbed coffee makers. Let's move to my choices for plumbed coffee makers........

1. Brew Express BEC-110BS

best plumbed coffee maker

​Brew express BEC-110BS is the classic example of this kind of product. It's among one of the most true tried models.  It is not necessary to have a direct water line of it. Even you can use it without water line too. In this case you will use a water gallon to achieve the goal. 

Because of its revolutionary design, the Brew express blends performance, contemporary style and convenience into an easy to use appliance. It makes its hot beverages and brewing coffee a pleasure to taste. 

​You can easily connect this product direct to your water line. I can say it as direct plumbed coffee maker. You might have experience of connecting an ice maker, same needs to follow here. Even if you don't have previous experience of same, still you can manage it easily.

best plumbed coffee maker

You will not feel any kind of burden to have this equipment in your kitchen. You can easily manage and experience a great best plumbed coffee experience. Surely will enjoy a fool-proof and convenient brewing experience, all without spilling a drop of water. ​You would like to have this kind of product because of its features.

Features ​

  • As its a direct plumbed coffee maker so the water line makes this model self filling. You don't need to fill it up manually. This makes process more automated and self relaxing. You can imagine being relaxed from the hassle of filling again and again. 
  • It has its built in brewing feature. This helps in continuous brewing coffee. Which means you don't need to wait for your warm cup of coffee. You always get a warm cup of coffee whenever you want to taste and enjoy it with the core pleasant feelings. 
  • This model also comes with a wide range of selections for how much coffee you want to be dispensed. You can select anything between half a cup and a whole carafe!
  • This model has a capacity of 10 cups of coffee as i mentioned earlier too. Go for it as per your needs. 
  • This model, finally, has been designed to last four years and people who have used it all agree that it’s one of the best models that they have used in terms of quality and experience. So why not check it in below link. 


best plumbed coffee maker

​How it is possible that a Keurig product not on the list. Keurig K 150 is great plumbed coffee maker designed for small to medium sized businesses. Believe me you will get beverages that everyone will love. 

It has touch screen interface with amazing options. The water reservoir has the capability of storing for 18 cups of coffee before refilling it. ​Isn't it amazing to have such functionality and ease. 

In Keurig K150, Keurig has redefined brewing by adding state-of-the-art brewer technology with unique K-Cup pods.​ Keurig Commercial Brewers are built to keep your business going all day with gourmet coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and more. Whatever the size of your business its a perfect choice for your needs and requirements 

best plumed coffee maker

The unique drip tray is designed for easy cleanup. It also slides out of the way to accommodate mugs. You will also feel a great versatility while dealing with it. ​Overall its a great product of choice with some authentic product features. This model has quite a few unique features. The main features of this device in mentioned below:

Features ​

  • Product is Designed for small to medium sized businesses. The durably built to perform day in and day out, the K150 Commercial Coffee Maker makes beverages everyone will love and enjoy.
  • Full color touch-screen with adjustable brew temperature, programmable Auto On/Off settings, and you can walk through brewing instructions in three different languages.
  • Go big with the K150 - with a 90 oz., easy to fill, removable Water Reservoir, you can make up to 18 cups before refilling;Faster brewer speed.
  • Choose from five different brew sizes - 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz., or 12 oz. From strong to milder brewed beverages. Because tastes differ.
  • The Drip Tray is designed for easy cleanup and versatility. It slides out of the way to accommodate travel mugs. Plus, it's dishwasher safe.
  • Rugged and sanitary; this brewer has passed extensive testing and analysis of the National Sanitation Foundation.


best plumbed coffee maker

This is another great product that you can consider. An amazing product that can prepare espresso, cappuccino, latte drinks, coffee and many more. A unique beans to brew system is installed in this super automatic machine. 

This super automatic beans to brew system is exceptionally ​brilliant. It grinds coffee beans just before brewing for great taste and pleasure in your mugs. No matter what time of day you are making expresso, believe me its always pleasurable. 

The Delonghi Esam3300 is equipped with two stainless steel boilers. They manage excellent heat distribution. It also has an instant reheat function. The reheat function keeps the machine at ideal temperature through out the process. No matter how long is the interval between the cups of mugs. It will make sure ideal temperature within machine. 

best coffee maker

Further more this is a unit which can also be used with ground coffee. Also the units front panel offers easy accessible controls. It has on/off switch with cappucciano system. You can adjust the quantity of water and coffee easily as per requirements and needs. Whether you are strong coffee lover or weak one's fan, all in couple of clicks.

​The coffee spigot height can be settled to facilitate all different cup sizes. In other words whether its a tall mug or classic espresso cup, all can fit accurately. The product has some other good features too, lets go through its features now


  • Patented "Cappuccino System" frother that mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth
  • Easy-to-use rotary and push button control panel with programmable menu settings and beans container capacity is 8.8 ounces.Coffee grounds container- 14 cups or after 72 hours from first use. Maximum cup height- 4.25 inches
  • Grinds beans instantly with the patented, compact and easy-to-clean "Direct-to-Brew" system. Use your favorite coffee beans to create your perfect espresso. Beans with less visible oil, usually a medium roast, are recommended for best grinder performance
  • De’Longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly. The machine does not deliver coffee, but only water is caused due to ground coffee may be blocked in the funnel. Remove the ground coffee inside the funnel, using a plastic knife. Then clean the infuser and the inside of the machine. If machine is noisy refer manual; Energy Saving: With 3 hour automatic shut off


The plumbed coffer maker is a smart choice if you have more coffee needs. I mean that you are a family of 10 or above members then its perfect choice for you. On the other hands its also a smart choice for offices or businesses in small and medium range. 

If you have not selected any device yet after reading this article then i would recommend you to go with product no one or two. Those two best plumbed coffee maker products are smart choices with affordable budget. I am sure these suit your budget needs too. ​

I hope you got some reasonable information now about plumbed coffee maker. Please do reply with your feedback and suggestions in comments section below. You response is really appreciable and valuable to me. ​

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