Coffee During Pregnancy

Should I Drink Coffee During Pregnancy?

You are expecting a baby! This is one of the finest periods in the life of any woman. First, you can always start your day with a cup of coffee in the morning. Now you might think that should I give up drink, being in such a “condition”? Can I use decaf coffee during pregnancy?

Meanwhile, experts for many years engaged in this problem, recently inclined to conclude that the use of large doses of coffee adversely affects not only on the bearing of a child, but at conception. For example, couples who are being treated for infertility should significantly limit the amount of coffee in their diet.

On the other hand Caffeine can inhibit the process of artificial insemination or even completely block it. It is known that the treatment of infertility by artificial insemination, the egg is fertilized outside the body of a woman’s sperm and then injected into the uterus. so its better to decaf coffee during pregnancy.

Is is safe to drink Coffee During Pregnancy

The studies failed to prove that women who consume two to fifty milligrams of caffeine a day, have a much greater risk of failure in the process of gestation. But you should keep in mind that If a woman drinks a day in eight or more cups of coffee, pregnancy may end with miscarriage. Danish scientists, surveyed tens of thousands of pregnant women, made this conclusion. 

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Half the women surveyed said they do not use coffee during gestation of the baby. About one third of pregnant women drink per day from one to three cups of coffee. The risk of early termination of pregnancy increases by three percent. 30 percent of women drank during the day from four to seven cups of drink, were subjected to a 33 percent risk. And finally, the ill-fated coffee drinkers, drink a day for more than eight cups a refreshing drink, the risk of losing a child growing up to sixty percent.

The findings, which were made because of this study, can be reduced to a few simple guidelines. Pregnant women can take no more than three cups of coffee a day. And the best part is to opt out of the coffee. Add that depends directly on the tea and Coca-Cola and the risk for pregnant women has been identified. Thus, the main culprit for the early termination of pregnancy may not be the caffeine and other components contained in coffee. Researches in this area are continuing.

coffee during pregnancy

As we know, there is decaffeinated coffee. However, is it allowed for everyone? This type of coffee is allowed to use almost for all categories of consumers, except perhaps that suffering from gastric ulcer or gastritis. Coffee causes increased secretion of gastric juice concentrate, which corrodes the delicate or damaged mucosal surfaces disease entity.

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Even the man who has no difficulties with the work of the gastro-intestinal tract, excessive consumption of coffee can trigger their appearance. Also do not forget that the coffee beans before you grind are thoroughly roasted, so the drink made from them are not suitable for people suffering from blocked bile ducts, pancreatitis, colitis, cholecystitis and duodenal ulcer disease. You can use decaf coffee during pregnancy to avoid such conditions.


​As studies have shown that consuming a large amount of coffee during pregnancy has some adverse effects. The effects are not only on your body but also can harm the coming baby. A Pregnant woman should try to avoid large amount of coffee.

As a conclusion, I can say that, if you are active coffee consumer and you are expecting a baby, it is worth to reduce the consumption, because the baby in this case is more important than the habits. Excessive use of coffee may also result in skin issues. 

I hope as a pregnant woman you understand the risks involved in taking high level of coffee. Drinking decaf coffee during pregnancy is good alternative to this one instead of high caffeine tea. Please do provide your feedback in the comments section below. ​