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Name Father's / Husband Name Choose Specialty
Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman Muhammad Yaqoob MS Urology
Dr Shahzad Khan Peer Jan MD Medicine
Dr Sunillah Tareen Hamayun khan Tareen MD Medicine
Dr.Muhammad Ashafaq Haji Gul Muhammad MS Urology
Dr Sabir Mehmood Mehmood Ahmad MS Neurosurgery
Dr. Muhammad omar Ubaidullah MS Plastic Surgery
Dr Anum Azim Dr Arshad mehmood MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Humaira Noor Mohammad Noor MS Gynae & Obst
Anum Azim Dr Azim Ullah Asif Jah MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Khushal Khan Noor Muhammad MS Anaesthesia
Dr. Zarghoona Kakar Muhammad Akbar Khan MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Hafiz Ullah Mula Mehr Ullah MS Anaesthesia
Dr. Muhammad Atif Bashir Bashir Ahmed MD Medicine
Dr. Rubina Dr Moeed Ahmed MS Pediatrics Surgery
Dr Iqra Azim Dr Hayatullah kakar MD Medicine
Dr Bibi Fozia Gul Muhammad MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Khushbakht Azim Dr. Azimullah Asif jah Goraya MS Gynae & Obst
Dr zainab Ghulam nabi MS Gynae & Obst
Dr Mohammad umar khan Haji shahab ud din MD Medicine
Dr. Syed Yawar Inam Syed Inam Shabbir MD Medicine
Naeema Gul abdul khliqe MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Dur Muhammad Noor Hassan MS Pediatrics Surgery
Dr Zarmina Naudhani Dr Mohammad Afzal MS Gynae & Obst
Naveed Ahmed Muhammad hanif MS General Surgery
Dr.Manzoor Ahmad Khan Muhammad Sharif MS Anaesthesia
Dr Allah Bakhsh Allah Bachaya MS Anaesthesia
Dr mahwish iqbal M.iqbal lashari MS Pediatrics Surgery
Dr. Musawir Ali Anwar Ali MS General Surgery
Dr tahmeena bugti Muhammad mureed bugti MS Gynae & Obst
shamla khan Muhammad Ikram MS Plastic Surgery
Dr Sonia Abid Abid Hussain MS General Surgery
Dr. Muhammad iqbal Muhammad karim MS Orthopedics
Dr Naqeeb ullah Haji Dad muhammad MS Orthopedics
Dr Asfand Yar Abdul Qayyum MS Orthopedics
Dr. Khanzadi Rehman Kurd Saleem Kurd MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Habib Ullah Yar Muhammad MS Orthopedics
Dr. Laila Zahoor Zahoor Ahmed MS Gynae & Obst
Dr Sher Mohammad Gul Ahmed Khan MD Medicine
Dr Ahmed ali Amir jan MS Pediatrics Surgery
Dr Zamroud Raisani Nazeer Ahmed Raisani MS Gynae & Obst
Dr Imran shaikh Dr Habib Ur Rehman MS General Surgery
Dr abdullah jan Pir dad khan MS General Surgery
Dr Asif khan Saifullah khan MD Medicine
Dr. Muhammad Hanif Abdullah MS General Surgery
mehar jan baksh Moula Baksh Dashti MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Abbas Raza Jamal Nasir MS Plastic Surgery
Dr.Zahoor Ahmed Saleh Muhammad MS General Surgery
Dr. Naqeeb Ullah Durrani Mohib Ullah Durrani MD Medicine
Dr.Bakhtiyar Ali Khan Muhammad MS Urology
Dr Mahtab Hussain Dr Mohammad Hussain Bugti MS Gynae & Obst
Dr Muhammad Safdar Dr M Younas MS General Surgery
Dr. Asifa Abdur Rahim MD Medicine
Dr. Muhammad Awais Nabi Bakhsh MD Medicine
Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Moheem Khan MS Urology
Dr.Muhammad Idrees Muhammad Musa MD Medicine
Dr. Faiza Muhammad Afzal MD Medicine
Abdul Zahir Fazal Khan MD Medicine
Dr.khalid khan Muhammad jan MD Medicine
Tahir Hussain Asghar Hussain MS General Surgery
Dr Saadia Dar Dr Saadia Dar MS Pediatrics Surgery
Dr. Nazish Rehmetullah MS Gynae & Obst
Dr Ahmed ullah Naseer ud din MS Orthopedics
Amir Zaman Amir gul MS Orthopedics
Dr. Mahmood Khan Muhammad Jan MS General Surgery
Dr. Khadija Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Nadia khalil Khalilullah MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Naila Nazir Nazir Ahmed MS Gynae & Obst
Frohinda Suleman Suleman Tahir MS Anaesthesia
Dr sharif Obaidullah Obaidullah MS General Surgery
Dr Qudratullah Haji Mohibullah MD Medicine
Dr Saifullah Abdul Hai MD Medicine
Dr. Waleed Haider Ali Haider MS General Surgery
Dr Zahoor Ahmed Moheem khan MS Urology
Dr. Abida gul Gul muhammad MS Gynae & Obst
Dr Maria Qazi Dr Masood Ahmed Qazi MS Gynae & Obst
Dr Javeria Qazi Dr Masood Ahmed Qazi MS General Surgery
Dr. Abdul Rasheed Zangi khan MS Orthopedics
Dr.sanaullah Jalander khan MS Anaesthesia
Dr. Shanam Nargis Abdul Samad MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Shahzeb Ali Bugti Ashraf Ali Bugti MS Plastic Surgery
Dr Ayesha warsi Muhammad waqar warsi MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Saqiba bibi Haji Gul MS Gynae & Obst
Dr Nazeer ahmed Haji rozi khan MS Plastic Surgery
Dr Batoura Siddique Ghulam Siddique MS Plastic Surgery
DR Sidra Shahid Bilawal Ali MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Muhammad Tariq Zarkoon Amir khan MS General Surgery
Dr ayesha nawaz Dr Muhammad nawaz MS General Surgery
Dr. Syed Rasheed Shah muzafar Shah MS General Surgery
Dr. Kiran Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz MS Anaesthesia
Maheen Saleem Silachi Sardar Saleem Silachi MS General Surgery
Dr ghulam murtaza Abdul majeed MD Medicine
Dr. Malik Jahangir Gul Haji gul MS Orthopedics
Muhammad Ali Zafar Iqbal MS General Surgery
dr ghulam hussain amir mahammad MS Plastic Surgery
Muhammad Zohaib Haji Abdul Ghaffar MS General Surgery
Dr.Ejaz Ahmed Muhammad Azam MS General Surgery
dr seema ashraf muhammad ashraf MS Pediatrics Surgery
Dr. Mazhar Ali Wazir Khan MS Anaesthesia
Dr. Zarmeena Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar MS General Surgery
Dr Najeeb Ullah Haji Habib Ullah MS Orthopedics
Dr Shahida Kausar MEHAR DAD MD Medicine
Dr. Mukhtiar Ahmed Dr. Barkat Ali Jamali MS General Surgery
Dr. Nasreen Gul Abdul Razzaq MS Gynae & Obst
Kamal khan Moula Dad MD Psychiatry
Aziza Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmed MS Gynae & Obst
Dr. Akhtar Ali Saleem Khan MS General Surgery
Dr.Sami ullah Abdul Ghani MS Plastic Surgery
Dr. Ghulam Farooq Yar Muhammad MS Orthopedics
Dr Sahibzada abdul Khalid Sahibzada abdul Qadir MD Psychiatry
Dr Ahmed wajid Abdul Qayyum MD Medicine
Dr. Saif Ullah Habib Ullah MD Medicine
Dr Hatoongul Ghulamjan MS Plastic Surgery
Muhammad Ramzan Din Muhammad MD Psychiatry
Dr Mazhar Ali Wazir Khan MS Anaesthesia
Dr. Maham Khalid Khalid Mehboob MS General Surgery
Dr.Amanullah Haji Mian Khan MS General Surgery
Dr. Muhammad Qasim Khan Haji Shakar Uddin MS General Surgery
Dr Shoaib Khan Arif Khan MS Plastic Surgery
Dr huma urooj wajid hussain MS Pediatrics Surgery
Dr. Shabnam Akram Muhammad Akram MS Gynae & Obst
Dr.Sameena Zafarullah MD Medicine
Dr Aisha Naeem Abdul Naeem
Dr. Bibi Nasira Abdul Baseer
Sohera soomro Abdul wahab
Dr.Naseebullah Haji Abdul Hakeem
Dr. Sabirah Haji Abdul Manan
Dr. Niaz Ahmed Karim Bakhsh
Dr. Muhammad Ali Baloch Shah Dad Khan Baloch
Dr Ahmed khan Syed jamal shah
Dr.Khalil ur rehman Abdul Malik
Dr. Muhammad Din Gul Muhammad
Dr. Rukhsana Naz Faiz Mohammad Khan
Dr.Mehnaz Javed Javed karim
Jamal nasir Khuda-e-dad khan
Dr. Rukhsana Hameed Abdul Hameed
Dr Bakhtawar Dr Hameed Baloch
Abdul waheed Abdul karim
Hani Sayed mohammad
Dr. Abdul hadi Roedad khan
Dr. Nosheen Khan Mulazim Hussain Khan
Dr Abid zahid ali Zahid Ali Badini
Dr. Nisar Ahmed Ghulam Muhammad
Dr.Mohammad Afjal Hussein Mohammad Furkan Allam
Dr Abdul Qadir Haji Ghulam Sadiq
dr. muhammad mamoon yaboob ali
Dr. Matiullah kakar Abdul Ghaffar
Shair Ali Nadir Khan
dr muhammad anwar hazart shah
Dr.Fareeha Liaqat Syed Liaqat Ali
Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman Muhammad Yaqoob
Dr.Zarak khan Sultan Aahmed
Ahmadullah Rahmatullah
Dr. Izhar Ahmed Khan Abdul Ali Khan
Dr Muhammad Yar Muhammad Sharif Khan
Dr.Naveed Ahmed Abdul Malik
Dr.athasham khan Jahandad khan
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