How to clean a coffee maker

How To Clean A Coffee Maker

Cleaning Different Coffee Maker Types

How to clean a coffee maker properly depends on the type of coffee machine you have. There are many different types of coffee makers; aside from making coffee in different ways, they also require different methods of cleaning and maintenance. The four main types of coffee machines are drip coffeemakers, vacuum coffeemakers also known as siphon coffeemakers or brewers, percolators, and French press coffee machines.

The most common of these is the drip style machine, and the easiest to clean is the vacuum type coffee machine. Coffee Mugs are also an important part. Here you will find out more about the different cleaning methods for these coffeemakers.

Cleaning Drip Coffee Makers

Majority of the coffee makers you often see on the market are drip coffee makers. These are convenient machines that allow you to brew coffee with less work; the machine does everything else except add the coffee grounds and the water into the machine.

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Drip coffee makers can be a hassle to maintain, which is why they are prone to malfunctions. Here are the steps that cleaning drip coffee machines usually take.

  • You can use vinegar as a cheap but effective disinfectant and cleanser for your coffee machine. Dilute one cup of vinegar in two cups of water so that the smell of vinegar will disappear.
  • Pour the resulting solution into the water chamber and check to make sure that the carafe is in place.
  • Turn on the coffee maker and let it drip the vinegar solution into your carafe.
  • After the cycle is complete, let the machine cool then pour out the vinegar solution.
  • Fill the water chamber with clean water and turn on your machine again. Do this for about three times to fully get rid of the vinegar solution, any residue, and even residual smell. The carafe along with its lid and handle should also be separately cleaned using detergent. Make sure to rinse off the detergent thoroughly.

    Cleaning Vacuum Coffee Makers

    Vacuum coffee makers are no longer as popular today as they used to be in their heyday. But they are still well known among coffee aficionados for several reasons, such as the perfect brew they can produce as well as the convenient way of cleaning and maintaining them. Unlike drip coffee makers, vacuum-based machines do not come with plenty of parts and also eliminate electrical components.

    There’s no need to wonder how to clean a coffee maker of the vacuum or siphon variety. Vacuum coffee makers are made of two glass pots plus a filter in between them. All you have to do is look for a machine whose glass pots are dishwasher safe.

    This way, cleaning the machine entails simply putting it inside your dishwasher and waiting for the process to be completed. Thus, it takes no effort at all.

    Cleaning Percolators

    Percolators were the standard coffee machines used in the past; they are the drip coffee makers of the past. Although not often used anymore, these coffee making machines still make an appearance in a few homes.

    Like the vacuum style machines, percolators are known to create rich brews. If you have a percolator or you’re planning to buy one, it helps if you know how to properly clean it.

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    If you’re wondering how to clean a coffee maker/percolator, just follow these steps:

  • ​Mix 2 teaspoons baking soda with 8 cups of water. You may, however, use vinegar instead of baking soda if your water hardness levels are high. This may leave some smell, though, so the need for thorough rinsing lengthens the cleaning process.
  • Place the mixture into your percolator and let it run through one complete cycle.
  • Wait for your percolator to dry; this is important to prevent mold and mildew to invade your coffee maker.
  • Get a knife with a thin blade and use it to scrape out coffee residues that may have gotten trapped in various parts of your coffee maker.
  • Check the pump-tube flanges for debris that may be blocking the holes. Use a needle or a toothpick to make sure the holes are free from blockages.
  • Get a damp cloth and clean the outside of the percolator by wiping it.

    Cleaning French Press Coffee Machines

    The French Press coffee makers were very popular during the thirties. These coffee makers are ideal for brewing thickly flavored coffee. The French Press machine is a large coffee pot that comes with a plunger handle attached to a mesh filter. To use, just fill it with coffee and hot water, then press the plunger handle so that the mesh pushes the coffee grounds to the bottom, thus filtering out the coffee from the grounds.

    To clean, just wash all parts of the machine by hand using warm water and a soft rag. Make sure to scrub to remove all coffee residue. Just be careful with the mesh part to avoid damaging it.

    ​At the end I am quite confident and sure that now you have got a good idea of cleaning the coffee makers. Isn't it. Do provide your feedback so I know the deficiencies and make things more suitable and working. 


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