How to make turkish coffee

How To Make Turkish Coffee

The most important part of the culture of coffee was developed in the Ottoman Empire. One of the most common ways of brewing comes from Turkey. Turkish coffee is dark and sweet. The method of making Turkish coffee is very innovative and dates back to the days of the sixteenth century. How to make Turkish Coffee is considered one of the first ways to make coffee.

  • How to ask for a coffee in the local language? Bir kahve lütfen
  • Signature coffee style? Türk kahve (Turkish coffee)

Not only that this is a unique way to make coffee, but it is also very simple. That is why many people can easily learn how to make Turkish coffee. In fact, the only expense incurred in obtaining Turkish coffee is that you need to buy a first class grinder.

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Grinders should be equipped to grind coffee even finer than espresso. You can choose, however, to buy a special machine designed to make Turkish coffee. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as grinding the coffee beans too much! The finer, the better!

How to make turkish coffee

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Turkish Coffee Ingredients & Utensils

If you want to experience the taste of a good, oriental coffee here are some tips on how you to prepare Turkish coffee. First, you need to have the following ingredients and utensils:

  • Ground powder original Turkish coffee
  • Some sugar ( the quantity depends on how sweet you want your coffee to be)
  • Two coffee cups.
  • A special Turkish coffee pot
  • A glass of water
  • Some Turkish delight.

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Now that you know the ingredients, let’s learn how to make Turkish coffee.

The Technique (Turkish Coffee Making)

Pour some water in the special pot. Furthermore measuring the amount of water depending on the number of cups you want to prepare. If you need only two cups of coffee, pour two cups of cold water in the pot.

It is important to keep in mind that this type of coffee is prepared on low heat. You will need only very fine coffee. Then you have to stir in the cold water two teaspoons ground Turkish coffee powder and two tablespoons of sugar. Place the pot over low heat and continue mixing until foam begins to rise.

Remove from the heat, stirring gently, put back on the fire, repeating the process three times. The third time the cream rises, it should be taken with a spoon and put into each of the two cups. Then the cup is left aside to cool inside the vessel.

After that, very slowly pour the coffee in the cups. The Turkish coffee is served in cups, with a piece of Turkish delight, sitting on the cup`s saucer and with a glass of water.

Turkish coffee is very aromatic. It is essential, when preparing this special type of coffee, not to turn your back to the pot. If you are distracted when making coffee the foam could rise too much and the coffee could flow over the pot. Although it is easy to do, Turkish coffee requires total attention.

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Some people choose to add different spices in their Turkish coffee. These spices may include cardamom, anise, or even sugar. In fact, Turkish coffee is also known for its strong aroma and sweet taste. If you use your spices in Turkish coffee, you should, if possible, buy seeds and crush them very fine in the grinder. However, note that only some types of spices change the taste of the coffee.

To sum up, when learning how to prepare Turkish coffee you don’t need too much cooking experience. All you have to do is follow the steps I described in detail above. If you do that, you and your friends will certainly enjoy the best cup of coffee of your lives.

Turkisk Coffee Cups

Turkish Coffee can not be enjoyed properly with Turkish Coffee Cups. You will need Turkish Coffee Cups because they are mode of thin porcelain. The thin porcelain helps your brew to stay hot. The same concept is used in a tea glass.

You might also not forget the fact that Turkish Coffee is drank slowly. Enjoying the amazing flavors sip by sip. You aren't in any hurry. So you would like to have your coffee stay hot for as long as it can. You can not enjoy the proper flavors and taste of Turkish Coffee if it goes cold.

How to Make Turkish Coffee

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There are also other cups with a copper holder. Now one would like to know the idea behind this. The main idea here is to maintain the temperate, the porcelain inserts heat to the copper holder. As a result the temperature is maintained for much longer period. Another type is cups with a lid to maintain your brew hot until you sit down. So there are quite few choices in cups for Turkish Coffee.

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Further more there are some cups that are for collectors. Hand painted with real gold and are handmade like a pottery. Most of these cups are the same copy of the cups used by Ottoman Sultans. These cups are also an impressive choice to have Turkish Coffee in it. Why not taste the great pleasuring coffee in these cups.

UNESCO Cultural Heritage list

Do you know that the tradition of Turkish Coffee making has been recognized. This Coffee is known as the symbol of friendship and hospitality. Due to same reason Turkish Coffee was included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list in 2013.

Are you feeling crazy to start making Turkish Coffee now?

Take it easy as you are going to take it everyday once you have tasted it.

I hope you are now quite clear on how to make Turkish Coffee. Do provide you feedback and share your experience of making Turkish Coffee. I am sure, it must be an adventure you would like to fulfill at the earliest.

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